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Fondo de paxina

Galicia Quality seal was created to distinguish those goods and services that deserve this distinction, as they have been made in Galicia, or they have Galician raw material or design, once their quality has been ascertained through control audits.

As a certified quality brand, this is a commitment to customers and / or users which ensures that these products and services have complied with the instructed requirements and can be eaten with confidence.

Galicia Quality also represents the Galician Administration’s commitment for innovation, sustainability and competitiveness in the most demanding international markets as it contributes to create intangible value for companies and certified products with this label.

As a public company, Galicia Calidade SAU, requires companies to apply the strictest approved quality controls to guarantee the quality of their products and services and certify compliance with their own periodic internal audits.


The management of the quality seal is performed according to the following principles:

  • To help Galician products to have access to the quality mark , but without compromising the highest standards of control and monitoring to ensure compliance with internal requirements .
  • To enhance the promotion of the products, thus contributing to the pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement to ensure the competitive advantage over third parties. 


Galicia Quality is also committed to the mission of promoting the products identified with this seal, both for its distinct quality and its origin, to make their values known either on both, domestic and foreign markets.


Among the values ​​supported by this public company, it can be mentioned:

  • Vocation for high-quality public service to Galician society.
  • Accountability, transparency and objectivity in the management of the guarantee seal.
  • Commitment to innovation, competitiveness and sustainability, contributing to the internationalization of Galician companies.

PLAN 2022- 2025

Galician Government passed the plan Galicia Calidade Estratexia 2022-2025 (Galicia Quality Strategic Plan 2022-2025) to convert this guarantee brand into the global image of the Galician economy and to increase the impact of the Galician companies and products in foreign markets. 

In this way, the plan includes several actions to:

  • Promoting the competitiveness of the business network.
  • Supporting innovation to create value with differentiated products and services. 
  • And promoting the international business repercussion through the quality of products and services made in Galicia.

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