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Who we are
25 years Galicia Calidade

The Xunta de Galicia (Autonomous Government) created by Decreto 382/1994, del 15 de diciembre, the corporation Galicia Calidade, S.A.U., to manage and authorize the use of the trademark Galicia Calidade (Galician Quality) for all products and services entitled to it, for its processing in Galicia, for having Galician raw material or design, once their quality has been ascertain through appropriate mechanisms of monitoring and auditing.


Galicia Calidade
  1. Galicia Quality brand emerged after the full identification of government, companies and society with the slogan of an advertising campaign developed in 1991 by the Xunta de Galicia.  In 1995, the Galician government incorporated the public company, following the passing of Decree 382/1994.

  2. Since then, this public company  has certified the quality of more than 120 companies and 400 products from the most representative sectors of the Galician economy, such as textile - fashion, jewelry, ornamental stones , tourism, food and agriculture and fishing, among many others.

  3. In July 2014, the Council of the Xunta de Galicia agreed to convert Galicia Quality into the umbrella brand for the Galician economy in order to boost their competitiveness in foreign markets. Thus it provides new criteria for certified products and other labels of origin to be able to use the emblem of Galicia Quality.


The regulations for the use of the brand Galicia Quality, passed by the Board of Directors, provides for the conditions to be entitled to use the graphic symbol that guarantees the quality of the products and services that are obtained, processed or transformed in Galicia. The public entity Galicia Calidade S.A.U. is the owner of the brand as it is so recorded in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office , and is responsible for its management and administration.


Galicia Calidade S.A.U. is wholly owned by the Galician Public Administration and it depends on the Department engaged in Commerce.  Its managing bodies are composed of:

  • Board of Directors, made by representatives of the regional departments in charge of Trade, Agriculture, Fisheries and Taxes.  It also has a representative from IGAPE (Galician Institute for Economic Promotion).
    Don Manuel Heredia Pérez  

    Don José Luis Cabarcos Corral 
    Don Augusto Álvarez-Borrás Massó  
    Don Manuel Vidal Martín  
    Dona Marta Villaverde Acuña  
    Dona Silvia Valdés Díaz de Freijo  

    Don José María Pita Ponte
  • President, who is the person occupying the post of holder of the General Directorate of Commerce and has, among other duties, the role of leading this company.
  • Managing director, which has among his/her tasks to manage the business organization of the company and its corporate business.


Decree 202/2010, of November 25, states that Calidade Galicia S.A.U. is a public limited company, with its whole share capital being of public ownership which has among its goals and objectives the management of the Brand Galicia Quality. Specifically, it shall:

  • Grant licences, exercising effective control measures concerning the nature, quality and characteristics of products certified with the seal Galicia Calidade.
  • Manage the brand Comercio Rural Galego (Galician rural Trade).
  • Manage any other brand related to the quality of Galician products and services which may be entrusted thereto.

The company is considered an instrument and a technical service by the Administration of the Community of Galicia and its autonomous bodies.

The Board of Directors is chaired by the person holding the post of General Director of the regional Department in charge of Commerce.

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