Galicia Calidade highlights the excellence of the plants and flowers of the company Viveros Compostela from Boqueixón


Galicia Calidade
Viveiros Compostela

The manager of Galicia Calidade, Ana Méndez, handed over the new signage identifying the member companies to the managers of Viveiros Compostela, a company that has the seal of guarantee for the quality of the flowers and plants produced at its facilities in Boqueixón.

At this meeting, the head of Galicia Calidade, a body dependent on the Regional Ministry of Economy, Industry and Innovation, highlighted the daily work carried out at Viveros Compostela, a family business founded in 1985 with facilities of more than 30,000 m2 whose main activity is the production and distribution of its own flowers and plants to other garden centres, agricultural shops, florists... Among the wide variety of plants and flowers distributed by the nursery, it is worth mentioning the poinsettias, plants that finish flowering and are popularly known as the Flor de Nadal.

Ana Méndez pointed out that the work philosophy developed by the company is in line with the values of sustainability and respectful commitment to the environment that Galicia Calidade follows and which is reflected in the new signage that identifies the member companies.

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