Having the Galicia Quality seal implies a set of obligations, but also important benefits for the associated companies:

  • Galicia Quality is a seal of guarantee of certified quality that is only awarded to products or services that stand out for its quality attributes, in comparison to others of the same kind, and not to all products merely because of their origin.
  • Products and services covered by Galicia Quality not only ensure their common origin but pass some controls that guarantee the quality requirements provided.
  • The seal, name and logo of Galicia Quality is widely recognized and positively valued by consumers across Spain.
  • Galicia Quality constantly invests in the promotion of their label and products covered by this seal, which helps consumers to know and identify them, which benefits directly and indirectly to all products and services adhered.
  • All promotional activities are designed with the aim of favouring the participating companies.
  • The promotional actions and agreements at the point of sale are great opportunities for all the companies covered by this seal, despite their size, to have an extra promotion through these channels.
  • Galicia Quality has a strong presence in agricultural and food trade fairs, which are excellent opportunities for companies to showcase their products and services in the domestic and foreign professional segment.
  • Our action plans also take into account the consumer, so that products and services are consistent in their purchase; also paying attention to new consumers through participation in educational campaigns and through sport.
  • Easy processing of the quality seal. All the information can be obtained from internet and the application can be solved more swiftly in less time.

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