Certifying my company

The following steps have to be taken to obtain the license to use the brand Galicia Quality:

  • Submission of application forms.
  • Delivery of documentation in Galicia Calidade, S.A.U.: basic documents regarding the company`s quality system and the proposed product .
  • Granting procedure.
  • Audits and testing.
  • Granting proposal.
  • License to use the Brand.


Companies applying for the use of the guarantee seal must submit the following documents:

  • Articles of association or documents that prove the applicant´s identity.
  • VAT number
  • Economic and financial reliability (balance sheets, operating accounts and financial statements) .
  • Certification of having complied with tax obligations and Social Security. 
  • Annual summary VAT return statement.
  • Proof of having registered or protected the mark for which the Galicia Quality seal is requested.

Galicia Calidade S.A.U. may request any further information considered relevant, both for the initial granting of the right to use the mark or at a later stage.

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